Listed Tracks

1.  The Futility of War

2.  There's a Hole in my Head

3.  A Waterford Girls Tale

4.  Experts on Life

5.  The Television Song

6.  The Laughing Song (2011)

7.  The Footie Song

8.  The Masons Song

9.  The Downing Street Years

10. Mr Benn

11. The Suicide Man

12. Heroine

13. Oasis in the Storm

14. Christine

15. Countless Tears

Bankers, Politicians & Other Subject Matter

      Recorded in Starlight Studios Wirral in 2009, originally meant to be an album of protest songs, Lotzie changed his mind re-recording a few songs from Space Girl, and including a couple of loving and topical songs.


Listed Tracks

1.    People In Council Houses

2.    Cash Not Class

3.    Plastic World

4.    University Challenged

5.    Banker

6.    The Worry Song

7.    Me Without You

8.   Stone Throwers

 9.  Affectionate Love

10.  They Can’t Stop Ya

11.  Inure World

12.  You Are My Life

13.  The Toilet Song

14.  Does Nobody Give A Damn?

Listed Tracks

1.   University Challenged.

2.   Plastic World.

3.   The Worry Song

4.   Mr Ben

5.   I’d Like To Be

6.   The Toilet Song

7.   Sarah The Carer

8.   Blinkered Fools

9.   I’m Not Paranoid            

10  The Bouncers Song

11.  Xmas PLC

Space Girl

Recorded in Whitby studios Ellesmere port in 2008, this album contains the 11 songs he could remember how to play since he'd wrote them in the mid nineties.

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Caravan Dogs

Recorded in 2011, ‘Caravan Dogs’ is a lyrical feast of Topical, Comical, Protest,

Love & Anti War songs.  It was co written with Twentin Quarantino.

Listed Tracks

1.  The Tale of The Kunda Beast

2.  The Tale of the Ugly Princess

3.  The Tale of  Lam Chung

4.   The tale of the Patient Bodhisattva

5.  The Tale of Angulimala

6.  Samsara’s not a Perfume

7.  The tale the Greedy Businessman

8.  Wiggly Wiggly Woo

9.  Everyday is Mothers Day

10. There’s a Hole in my Head

11. The Futility of War

12. The Heroine

Buddhist Folk Songs

 I’m hoping sales of this album will raise funds for a number of local and international Buddhist charities I support.  Tracks 1-6 are traditional Jataka and scriptural Buddhist tales. Track 7 is a traditional Indian tale.  Tracks 8-12 arose from various ideas, thoughts and experiences.  I’m currently working on the 2nd volume.

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Listed Tracks

1.   Everyday is Mothers Day.

2.   There’s a Hole in my Bucket List.

3.   If you were Really There

4.   Wiggly Wiggly Woo

5.   The Milky Bar Kid

6.   A Cuddle from Yer Mum

7.   Like a Pig in a Sty

8.   A Life on the Ocean Wave

9.   Together we Stand        

10  Invisible

11.  When Kate met Nick

12. The tale of the Living Kuan Yin

Pink Mooncalf

Recorded in Whitby studios, Ellesmere port in 2013, this album contains 12 songs.   It is yet another lyrical feast of topical, comical, protest and love songs.  It generally goes down very well  with people who possess sublime intellect.

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