Lotzie Weaver - singer songwriter and natural mooncalf.

Providing Britain and the World with a lyrical feast of  

topical, comical, protest and love songs.  All beautifully balanced with a smattering of Buddhist Folk songs.  From the raw energy of “People in Council Houses” to the melodic sounds   and storytelling of “ The tale of the Kunda Beast”, to the

humorous delights of “Wiggly Wiggly Woo”.



Lotzie performing a new version of  ‘The Laughing Song'

at the Woody Guthrie Folk Club, Liverpool.  Feb 2011

“Lotzie's work can be quite caring and sometimes

quite scary to the unsuspecting listener.”

Geoff Speed  ‘Radio Merseyside’




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Here’s a few songs from Lotzies Album

‘Buddhist Folk Songs’:-



You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll Wonder Why!